quarta-feira, 30 de outubro de 2013

Makeup time!

Just made this amazing makeup! I've got a little bit inspired by Lady Gaga since I love her! ahahaha
I'm using a L'oreal eyeliner I think it's Super Slim or something like that, I just can't remember the name and I don't have it here with me :\  I'll just leave the name here later in case you dolls wanna know ;) My lipstick is from Kiko Makeup is just some Red Lispstick, I don't like to use Lip Gloss it always get sticky... and on the lower line of the eyes I used a white eye pencil it makes my eyes stand out a little bit so you can try it too and see if looks good on you, i bet it will!! Oh! and since i've got my new L'oreal eyebrow pencil i'm just in love with it! it's a soft brown and I can't remember the name of it wheither xD Sorry about that xD but don't worry i'll leave the names of the itens that I've bought and a picture of it too =)  Soooo hope you like this look and tell me what you think about it, by the way do you like my hair girls? i've just dye it today, think i'm gonna get a Platinum Blonde or something, what you think?!  

xoxo Ju <3

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