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Review: L'oreal super liner-eyebrow,eyeliner + nail polish +Primark pencil case!!

Well, in my last post i had a makeup where i'm using a eyeliner and eyebrow pencil and since i didn't remember the name of it I decided to show you dolls a little bit of it, so below there's some photos you can check out :) About the eyeliner, I was a little apprehensive about buying it, cus i thought it wouldn't be easy to use and the line wouldn't be perfect but since i've been using it it's quite easy actually and the final result looks pretty cool and modern, so don't be scared even if you had never used a eyeliner pen you can just practice and i know you will be able to use it properly. I think the same is for the eyebrow pencil it's has two sides, one side wich is the brown side you line your eyebrow and shape it as you like it and the other side wich is white (not quite white) it's like a wax to fix your eyebrows in the place all day long and I think it really works, I've been using this two L'oreal pencils a lot I just love them you should try it !
 This amazing nail polish became my favorite !! The color really is beautiful. It has little tiny sparkles which make the color stand out and actually I think it lasts for 4 days and then it starts to come off. It was free I didn't pay for it 'cause it was a promotion of buy 2 and get one free, so i brought the nail polish for free at superdrug =) hehehe
I bought this cute little pencil case at Primark only cost me 3£ and it's really handy for me. Since it's small you can just put in your handbag and take it with you :) Sooo hope you guys liked and please comment and tell me what you liked most, do any of you use any of this items? :)

Super liner Brow artist-5.99£
Eyeliner super slim- 6.69£ (I think)
Nail polish - 4.99 (it was free for me)
Primark pencil case- 3£

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